Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our server IP that you can use (1.18.2 Optifine Recommended):

Slimefun is a plugin which aims to turn your Spigot Server into a modpack without ever installing a single mod. It offers everything you could possibly imagine. From Backpacks to Jetpacks! Slimefun lets every player decide on their own how much they want to dive into Magic or Tech.

We got everything from magical wands to nuclear reactors.

We feature a magical altar, an electric power grid and even item transport systems.

You can download our custom resources pack through this link!  --> [LINK]
We provide the tutorial to download it and if you may have any question, you can make ticket in our discord server.

The Crystal can be obtained from these ways:
  • Battlepass [/bp] which can obtain up to 250 Crystals depends the tier. You can purchase the Premium Battlepass at our Store to double up amount of rewards.
  • Vote [/vote] . 1 Crystal will be given per vote. 
  • Random. When theres 5 online players or more, the crystal will be given randomly to the active players.

The crystal are for to buy the ingame pass such as:
  • Money
  • Sethome
  • Permission Store
You may check the Crystal Shop at [/warp Crystal_shop].

Here are some tips that you can follow up to earn money faster.

1. Vote. 100$ per 1 Vote [/vote]. You can vote up to 12 website which equivalent to 1200$ a day.
2. Join the jobs [/jobs browse].  [Limit 2 jobs per user]
3. You can sell the items using [/sell] command and can check up the [/worthlist] to see what item you can sell it. 
4. Go to our Server Store and you can buy the ingame money. 100k$ ingame money = RM10.

We decided to disable the [/sell all] command because once the player use the command it will wipe/sell most of their items in inventory.
There's the alternative way you can use to sell the items in your inventory with the same type by using [/sell same]. 

To see the wing or elytra, you must install the optifine first to see it. [LINK]

Coins and Dollar are type of currency that used in this server that can be  trade at the [/warp Market].
You can exchange it for Furniture and Custom Item. 

Every player can create the player warp by using the command [/playerwarp create name] and it cost 5000$ per monthly.

We reduce the amount of cargo node can be put in one chunk into 25 max. This due to prevent the server TPS become unstable.

To make sure the game is fair for everyone 😉

We restart the server to ensure the server's tps is stable that allowed our players to enjoy and have a great experience in our server.

The only possible way your items went missing due to the energy that been used in any machine are not enough. It can happen when you offline or far from the machine. The players need to always alert with the energy when using machine  because not only the Enchanter that can make item disappear. 

Please be ALERT the staff won't refund the items because its player responsibility.

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