Hey all!! We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing 1.18.1 SURVIVAL [BETA] Today


Custom Trees

  • Maple Tree
  • Sakura Tree
  • Twilight Tree
  • Wisteria Tree


Custom Charcoals


  • Twilight Charcoal
  • Sakura Charcoal
  • Wisteria Charcoal
  • Maple Charcoal


We're announcing that the theme of 1.18 custom survival will be changed to a Modern Medieval theme as our new team is more familiar with it.

The name "Cupendium" will be changed to "Cubimod"

Skyblock Updates
Darrien_18 days ago
  • Added Custom Emoji
  • Added Custom Rank Tag
  • Added [/shop]
  • Removed Jobs from server *You can sell your item at /shop* 


Server Updates
Darrien_18 days ago


  • Survival and skyblock now support 1.17 - 1.18.1 version
  • Changed Server RULES

Darrien_20 days ago

We are welcoming back our Sponsor/Shareholder JennyS


Sorry i cant say what happened to the server. I'll try by best to make the server Active like before(2020)

We are not closing down the server


Happy new Year Everyone

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